California Target Book

The Essential Toolbox for California Political Professionals


Detailed data for California's 172 new Congressional, Assembly, and State Senate Districts now available

Online Edition

The California Target Book is the trusted, unbiased source of comprehensive current data for California political professionals and insiders who need to stay up to date on campaigns and elections at every level in the state.

Legislative Districts

District-by-district coverage of each of California's 80 Assembly, 40 state Senate and 53 Congressional seats, including maps, vote histories, census and party registration statistics, incumbent interest group ratings and profiles of all candidates who have filed for election.

County Government

County-level data includes voter registration, past election results, interactive district maps and incumbent profiles for each of California's 296 Supervisorial Districts in the state's 58 counties.

Ballot Initiatives

In-depth coverage includes detailed financial data for the organizations supporting and opposing them.

Campaign Finance Reports

Constantly updated data for Assembly, State Senate, Congressional, statewide and independent expenditure campaigns, compiled from the California Secretary of State and Federal Election Commission.

Candidate Directory

The California Target Book has compiled election results and a searchable candidate directory for state or federal office over the last ten years and for county, local and school district offices over the last 20 years.

Hot Sheet

Online subscribers have access to the Hot Sheet, reporting late breaking California political developments.

Hard Copy Edition

Many readers supplement their online subscriptions by choosing to receive the hard copy edition of the California Target Book, a handy abridged version of the information available on our web site.  It includes vote histories, voter registration and turnout data and candidate profiles.

Six editions are published during each election cycle--three updates in odd numbered off years and three editions (pre-primary, post-primary, post-general) in even numbered election years.